“I didn´t exalt the fools
and never made any alliance with infamy”.
N. Nekrásov

I write to men
and I don´t make covenants with infamy
because I´m as free as the poets and their ghosts.

I write to all who live with no limits
and are, whewerever,
sons of one same word.

I don´t seek praise
I only search for the lode we all have inside
and that it´s of silver
that´s why this watchfullness doesn´t hurt me
because I don´t want to exalt fools
by applauding them.

The mayor applause, we have to give
for the one who at times changes his seat
to understand
that we have lost ourselves
in demographic terms
and that we are dying
with hunger and misery
riding us on the backs
and under the ribbons.